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São Jorge Street, 300
São Caetano do Sul - SP
CEP: 09530-901


Phone: +55 (11) 4227-9500


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The company completed six decades of its existence in 2011. In big style and follows walking and telling its history as the one of the greatest chemical oil industries all over our country.


The Pitt LM Communication agency elaborated a campaign with many presentations, advertisements, banners, panels, adhesives, commemorative cards bottons, key rings and e-mail marketing and a book to celebrate this mark that will be introduced during the event next may. “We think it’s very interesting that an industry so great could kept the family feelings for 60 years.


And that is what we tried to transmit (pass on) in the book some pages are dedicated to the quality of the products and technology, aspects are seen by all over the world. In the other pages there are the people who did all this and they deserved this commemoration.


Our intention is to show to the readers the other side of our company that expanded (grew up), but never forget the essence”, comments Nathalia Kaori Sato, editor of the Pitti LM Communication.



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