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São Jorge Street, 300
São Caetano do Sul - SP
CEP: 09530-901


Phone: +55 (11) 4227-9500


Fax: +55 (11) 4226-2750


The Agrochemical Braido is a modern company   and is always, all the time, improving the vocation; and this is so truth that the company went to search a expertise in Europe to extract the quality of sub products of bovine meat, while the others restricted their products only in cleaning products.


In 1955 inaugurated the production of bovine glue and this was a great impulse for a furniture industry market all over the country. The next step happened in 1960 (sixties) and it was more promising and audacious: The beginning and acquisition of technology to fabricate fatty acids, oleic, stearic, glycerin and flour of meat and bones.


These products were being improved with the introduction of processes of granulation (the stearic acid got a new formation according to the request) distillation (this one increased the purity of glycerin to chemist levels), and hydrogenation indeed, this connection of agrochemical Braido with the new proceed is the key to keep the progress and the best participation in the sector.



Braido 60 anos

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