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São Jorge Street, 300
São Caetano do Sul - SP
CEP: 09530-901


Phone: +55 (11) 4227-9500


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Chemical components for modern industry


The Agrochemical Braido Industry has been actuated in the trade market since 1951. This Industry has been kept, all the time, the most excellent production and commercial trading of chemical components to many segments of modern industry. It was founded by Braido Family and since then it has faithful collaborators and many clients from long time ago and it is recognized by the tradition, pioneer, a responsible and conscious development and quality in the products and professional duties.


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Atividade Sustentável



The Sustainability begins the production when The Agrochemical Braido changes cattle wast non-edible. Some of the products are biodegradable and in all the cycle of life of the product the purpose is to be in peace with the environment.




The company completed six decades of its existence in 2011 in big style and follows walking and telling its history as the one of the greatest chemical oil industries all over our country.


We are side by side with the environment

The biological filter solution was found by Agrochemical Braido to control the environment impacts into the operation.

Infra-structure improvement

The Agrochemical Braido have invested recently the amplification of the plant of hydrogen and a new sector of distillery with the purpose to reach more...

Braido 60 anos

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